The Process of Hiring a Pet Sitter

How we work

A degu: hiring a pet sitter st albansWhen hiring a pet sitter, a consultation visit in your home is arranged before confirmation of a booking. This consultation is free of charge. We will meet you and your pets and answer any questions you may have. We will discuss your specific Pet Care requirements and take detailed notes about your pet’s habits, food and exercise regime, medical history and behaviour. We will also use this opportunity to go through and complete the necessary paperwork such as the Veterinary Authorisation Form (should your pet become ill and needs to be taken to the vet) and our Terms and Conditions.

Confirmation of Booking: After the preliminary meeting we will send you an invoice which confirms the booking. Payment must be made in advance or at the start of the pet care assignment.

Cancellation Policy: If 24 hours notice of cancellation of a booking is not given, we cannot give a refund unless we have a letter from your Vet stating that your pet is ill or injured.

Key Holding ServiceA chicken: hiring a pet sitter st albans

In order to carry out an assignment we will need a copy of your house keys which we will keep locked away and separate from your personal details so as to comply with the Data Protection Act. We normally retain keys but they can be returned to you if you wish. Retaining the keys, though, ensures we can continue to care for your pets in the event of an emergency or if your return is delayed. Should you wish us to collect the keys after our initial consultation (or return after an assignment) there will be a £5 charge to cover our fuel costs.

During The Assignment

Whilst you are away, we will maintain contact with you by text message, e-mail or phone, if necessary.

If you’re thinking about hiring a pet sitter, feel free to contact us for more information concerning any of our services.