The benefits of pet & house sitting

  • Your pet will not have to undergo the stress and trauma of being transported to and boarded in an unfamiliar environment such as kennels and catteries where they are subjected to the noises and scents of other strange animals.
  • Your pet will avoid the possibility of coming into contact with contagious diseases and fleas, ticks, worms etc and your pet will not have to have unnecessary vaccinations.
  • Pets are far happier being looked after in their own home where they feel safe and secure. Their normal routines and feeding habits are maintained.
  • At a boarding kennel or cattery your pet is confined to a cage for most of the day. With a pet sitter your pet will receive regular human contact and one to one attention from someone who is a pet-owner.
  • Any necessary medication can be administered by the pet sitter who is also on hand to attend to any pet and household emergency.
  • No guilt. No need to impose and rely on family and friends.
  • Crime deterrent. Your home and possessions are secure. Your home has a ‘lived in appearance.’
  • The pet owner can leave the home with the peace of mind that their pets, home and possessions are in safe and loving hands.