"Emily is the best thing that happened to Toby. He loves her to bits.

He is an old, but lively dog, and I worry sometimes if he is not quite himself, but Emily is so responsive by text/phone, it really helps my neurotic ways.

Emily is very reliable, communicates well and is a very caring, natural dog lover."

Fiona - St Albans

"Emily has been looking after my puppy since July of this year, visiting him twice a week when I cannot be home. She is reliable and totally trustworthy.

She texts me every visit, to let me know everything is OK and what the puppy is doing whilst she visits.
Her messages demonstrate her fondness of the dog and her commitment to her role.

I couldn't be happier to have Emily on board and have no hesitation in recommending her."

Tracey - St Albans

"Thank you so much for looking after Atticus while I was away – he’s still so content (although trying to type for me at the moment!) and full of life – and he seems to have grown loads while I’ve been away as well!

It was also really great to get texts while I was away to know that he was OK. Looking back, I think the time that you first came to the house while I was away it was the first time that someone else apart from me came into the house without me being there – maybe he’s got the making of a “guard cat!”

It was such a comfort to me to know that while I was away he was at home and being looked after rather than being in a cattery, which I think he would have hated. I look forward to booking your services again!

And Atticus sends a big purr… Sarah"

Sarah - St Albans

"Hi Beth, just catching up with everything since our return from our holiday. Archie seemed very calm and content on our return and certainly a lot happier than we we left him at the cattery. So, thanks very much for taking care of him - and the plants! We shall be very happy to use St Albans Pet Services again. Thanks! Amanda".

Amanda - St Albans

Hi Sandra, I just thought we'd let you know we're home safe and sound. Thanks so much for your amazing services and thanks to Beth too. Our home was in good hands and we will certainly recommend you and use you again! Much appreciated. Zena

Zena - St Albans

"Hi Sandra, I think you took Charlie and replaced him with a tiger cub! He's grown so much!! Everything looks great, as do they. Thank-you."

Helen Skarbek - St Albans

"Thanks Sandra. Hope you didn't have to stay too long. Really appreciate your help at short notice. Will definitely use you again and recommend you to others."

Melanie Herbert - Redbourn

"Elles looks very happy and healthy. Thank-you for looking after her."

E Brown - St Albans

"Thank-you very much. Hope Tommy wasn't too much trouble. He seems quite content to me and thanks for leaving everything so tidy. Will be calling you when I next go away."

Jane Graham - London Colney

"Thank you for looking after Leroy last week. He was very chilled when we arrived back and he had a very shiny coat! He had obviously been well looked after."

Alison Evans - St Albans

"All is well with Charlie. He's barely missed me and is a lot less stressed than after a trip to the cattery. Thanks so much. Will definitely use you again when I do a night or two again so will be in touch."

Angela O'Mahony - St Albans

"I needed to leave Jasper my West Highland Terrier whilst I went away on a break for a long weekend.

Leaving your pet whilst you go away can be a traumatic experience. I'd looked into Kennels but they appeared very expensive and I was concerned about leaving Jasper with people he didn't know and in unfamiliar surroundings.

After doing a bit of research I came across St Albans Pet Services. I met up with Sandra prior to going away and introduced Jasper to her. She came across as being very professional and friendly and someone who loves animals a great deal. Sandra made lots of practical suggestions and took me through exactly how she would be looking after Jasper whilst I was away. We agreed a very reasonable price and then I went away.

Sandra sent me a couple of texts whilst I was away and kept me up to date on how Jasper was. When I arrived back home, she had left me a lovely letter telling me all about her time with Jasper. If you are looking for someone who is 100% trustworthy either as a dog walker or sitter then Sandra at St Albans Pet Services is for you."

Pete Clark & Jasper - St Albans

"Thanks for looking after our 3 precious cats Milo, Gizmo and Tipsy (and feeding the fishes) the week we where away in September. It was the first time we’ve been away from them and as you know I was worried about them and missed them a lot.

Your regular updates put my mind at ease and it was very sweet that you began to bond with Milo in particular. I would not hesitate to recommend your services and we will be speaking to you over the next month to arrange dates to look after them whilst we are away for 3 weeks in December.

Thanks again"

Charlotte, Denis & all the Animals - St Albans

"Having moved house, we needed to find an alternative arrangement for our cats when we were on holiday and a cattery didn't suit them.

We came across St Albans Pet Services and decided to give them them a try. Sometime before our holiday, Sandra came to the house to meet the cats and us and to complete the paperwork. We went away happy in the knowledge that our cats would be visited twice a day to be fed and interacted with.

The added bonus was that Sandra also offered to water patio plants, put out rubbish, leave a light on and draw curtains if required at no extra cost. Also, as the service is charged per visit and not per cat, it worked out much cheaper than a cattery and the cats were much happier.

We would highly recommend St Albans Pet Services."

Claire Almond - St Albans

"Sandra looked after my two cats when I recently went on holiday for a week. I was immediately impressed by Sandra's professionalism and knew that I would be leaving my cats and property in safe hands. Sandra sent me a text mid-way through the week to assure me that all was well and I came back to very happy, well cared for cats. I would have no hesitation in recommending St Albans Pet Services to anyone looking after a reliable pet sitting service and I will certainly be asking Sandra to look after my cats when I go away in future."

Marian Gannon - Hatfield

"In the past we always left our cat in a cattery when we had to leave. Initially we were hesitant about booking the services of "St Albans Pet Services" but we decided to try. Our experience could not have been better. Sandra was always easy to communicate with and during our absence she informed us on a daily basis how our cat was doing. Her services were great, well delivered and we (and our cat) are very satisfied with Sandra's work. Next time we leave, we will certainly contact Sandra again."

Oscar & Michelle Franco - St Albans

"St Albans Pet Services did a fantastic job with our two indoor cats. We were really worried before, having never used this type of service before. However, from the start, we were kept informed, with St Albans Pet Services managing to win over our fickle cats in no time. We came back to two cats that were well groomed, well fed and didn't appear to have missed us one bit! Can't recommend St Albans Pet Services enough. Thanks again for doing such a great job."

Minna Vazanias - Park Street

"I have just used St Albans Pet Services for the first time when I went on holiday. Sandra provided an excellent service and both my cats were well looked after and seemed very happy on my return. I will definitely use Sandra's service again and would not hesitate in recommending St Albans Pet Services to any of my family or friends."

Sandra Hayes - London Colney

"St Albans Pet Services has looked after my elderly cat on two occasions. Each time he gets the special attention he deserves when I am away and unable to take care of him myself. I recommend St Albans Pet Services to be both friendly and reliable."

Lisa Banks - Hatfield

"Hi Sandra, thanks for the note you left, and many thanks for looking after Bobby. We can't believe how much he has grown in the last week - we think you must have fed him spinach! It sounds as though he didn't try to wreck the house. It's a great service which you offer so we'll definitely be using you again the future if that's ok."

Steve Creasy - Harpenden

"Thank you for taking such good care of our little peaches! They looked ever so comfortable and happy when we trundled in at 5am on Saturday morning. It was a great balm for the soul to see their little smiling faces again. I wouldn't hesitate to use your services again."

Laura Stapp - St Albans

"Thanks ever so much for looking after Poppy last week. She seemed very happy and it was much easier to leave her at home than take her to a cattery."

Lucy Dimbylow - Park Street

"I have used St Albans Pet Services on two occasions, so far, and have found the service that Sandra provides to be absolutely fantastic. It is all to easy to arrange and there is not the stress of having to take my cat to the cattery. She is much happier staying in her own home. Sandra provides real peace of mind with her twice daily visits. Not only is my cat well cared for but there is also the added benefit of having someone keeping an eye on the house. I highly recommend Sandra and St Albans Pet Services. I will certainly be using the service time and time again."

Jayne Phillips - St Albans

"I am very impressed with St Albans Pet Services. Very reliable and helpful. I will continue to use them in future."

Sue Minns - St Albans

"Having to leave my two, formerly feral, kittens for five days was quite a worry as I hadn't left them before. But I was reassured when I met Sandra and was impressed with the service she offered. She took great care of them and they all got on very well! I will being asking Sandra to look after them again and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend St. Albans Pet Services."

Fiona Gulliver - St Albans

"Thank you so much for taking such good care of Reggie, and Billy and Dumpy. It was lovely to come home and find them all happy and well cared for. I do worry about them especially after the episode with Billy's eye so it was very thoughtful of you to text me to keep me updated. I am very happy that I have found someone I can trust with 'the boys'. "

Jane Cook - Hatfield

"Sandra has offered a fantastic service, honest and reliable and Lucky our cat seemed to be happy on our return on the occasions we have used St Albans Pet Services. We will be going away shortly and happy to say we will be happy knowing Lucky will be in good hands. Thanks Sandra!"

Melanie Rowlinson - Sandridge

"Sandra took care of my cats for the first time 3 weeks ago when I had to travel to Spain for 4 days. She seemed a very professional woman and my cats seemed attracted to her so I left not feeling worried at all. When I came back my cats didn't seem needy or stressed at all, which is always a good sign that they have not been neglected like it happened to them before with another cat sitter. The house was as tidy as when I left. Sandra also sent me a text while I was in Spain to make sure that I was not worried and that was really nice of her. I am really happy that I have found a cat sitter that I can really trust, unlike the one I used to have before. Now, when I have to travel, I have the peace of mind that my cats are going to be taken care of. I would recommend St Albans Pet Services to everybody and I intend to carry on using its services in the near future."

Angela Alvarez - Hatfield

"Thank-you for looking after our cat Stanley while we were on honeymoon. We were delighted with the care you provided. You must have a calming effect on animals as we have never seen him so well groomed! We would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone needing professional pet care."

Adrian & Natasha Tarozzi - St Albans

"Thank-you so much for taking care of my dogs Holly and Rosie yesterday. I could relax and enjoy my son's wedding knowing they were taken good care of."

Mrs K Watson - St Albans

"Sandra's demeanour and approach immediately made us feel comfortable and confident when we had to travel and leave our 15 year old cat at home for 4 days and nights. She immediately established a rapport with our little boy and was very comfortable meeting his feeding and medicine requirements. We got regular text updates on his general well being and eating habits during our trip and a written summary when we got home. I can't express the value of the level of comfort that she gave, both to us and our little boy. I highly recommend Sandra's service and am sure that you will find her as kind and competent as we did."

Erin Karsten - St Albans

"Thank you very much for all your help with Captain and Pele. They have always seemed much happier following your visits then when they came back from the cattery. Do your services extend as far as Birmingham?! All the best"

Fiona, Bart, Captain & Pele

"Thank you very much for looking after our cats whilst we were in France - as well as our earlier week too. Both cats seemed well and happy on our return, and as before, it was so much nicer knowing they were able to be looked after at home and outside with plenty of space rather than being in a small cage at a cattery. We do appreciate you coming in and looking after them."

Jackie - St Albans

"Thank you for taking care of Bernie last week - he was so comfortable that he didn't even bother to move from the bed when we got home! I'd be more than happy to use your services again and recommend you to others."

Jenny - St Albans

"Thank you so much for stepping in at such short notice to look after Maisie and to give her her medications. It was such a relief to know she was in such good hands. I was very impressed with your professional approach and your obvious love of animals and their quirky ways too! I would highly recommend you to any other pet owner.

Thank you once again!"

Mrs Forbes - St Albans

"Thanks so much for looking after the cats and for contacting us to let us know all going well. We got back late last night and both cats appeared quickly. They are obviously well and happy, and much happier than being in the cattery. They have been very affectionate today and keen to see us, but also seem just fine to have been without us. Many thanks indeed - it has worked very well for us and been very helpful."

J Fryer - St Albans

"I just wanted to say a big " Thank You " for looking after our two cats. Timeria the Tabby cat looked a bit disappointed when Rebecca and I arrived home . She ran to the door as we opened it, but when she saw that it was us she went back to sleep in her cat basket! Usually when we arrive home the cats want lots of cuddles. They must of got all their cuddles a few hours earlier when you came to visit.This gave us time to unpack with out the cats running around jumping in and out of the suitcases etc wanting lots of attention. Once again thanks for looking after the cats while we were away."

Anthony & Rebecca - Hatfield

"I have been using Sandra's cat sitting service at least three times a month for the last four months & I cannot recommend her highly enough.

I had never used such a service before & was slightly worried about leaving my cats with a stranger but, the moment I met Sandra, I could tell they were in safe hands. She was clearly an animal lover but also very professional in her attitude, very thorough in her note taking & asking me questions, then letting me ask her questions.

Both my cats are elderly, needing medication daily but she has looked after them perfectly. One is very awkward with taking his pills but Sandra persevered & even came up with ideas to help him take it.

I work away from home a lot & often only give her short notice of the need for a home visit but this has been no trouble for her. She is very flexible, adapting to new situations when they arise.

Sandra has made me feel confident that, when I am away, my cats are in a safe environment & getting the best of care."

John Timson - St Albans

"We recently went away for 3 weeks and it was lovely to return home to a cat that was relaxed and looking so well. He gets very stressed with travel and being away from home, so it was great not having to put him through that. Sandra has a clear understanding of pets and her no nonsense approach put us at ease when she came to visit us. The fact that she is only an email away is also a comfort. We're just booking her in for our next trip! Thanks Sandra"

Anthony & Melissa - Harpenden

"Thank you very much for looking after Kimi and Daisy while we were away. They seemed a lot happier than when we pick them up from the cattery. Kimi, in her usual way, seemed perturbed that we were back - I think she liked having the place to herself and Daisy was her usual plump self, whereas when she comes back from the cattery she always seems thinner."

Vicki and Tom - St Albans

"Just wanted to say thank-you very much - Sarah was absolutely brilliant whilst we were away. She sent me updates to put my mind at rest. We returned home to our two furry bundles and they were so well looked after. It was great to see. Thank you very much - we will definitely use your services again and recommend you if anyone asks."

Clare, Andy, Bob & Pops - St Albans

"Dear Sandra

As mentioned I would like to make some comments about your service. I felt very pleased with the service and I would use it again.

The initial visit to my home with yourself and Sarah was relaxed and time was taken to thoroughly discuss the details of our cat's habits, likes and dislikes, medication requirements, meals and home environment in general. I especially liked the emphasis on the happiness of our cat and how her routine should continue as much as possible without disruption.

We did not hear of any problems whilst we were away, and we came home to a happy and contented cat who no doubt enjoyed having a new friend who visited every day.

Thank you once again!"

Carol Prowse - London Colney

"We have recently had the pleasure of using St Albans Pet Services and cannot recommend them highly enough.

We went on holiday two years ago and used a cattery for our two pet cats. When we returned, our cats were thin and traumatised as a result of being taken from their homes and effectively being kept in a cage.

This year we resolved to do things differently and asked Sandra from St Albans Pet Services for her help. Sandra came to our house and we immediately felt that we could trust her with the security of our house and welfare of our pets. She made a detailed checklist of our needs. Essentially we required someone to feed and pet our cats while we were away as well as feed the fish in our two aquaria. In addition, Sandra offered to make sure the house was secure, take in our post and put out our rubbish on collection day. She even offered to water our garden but the Great British Summer rendered that unnecessary! All this at extremely reasonable rates (and much cheaper than a cattery).

While we were away, we received reassuring text messages to say all was well.

On our return our fish were fine and cats were happy and healthy. Their fur even felt softer than usual because Sandra had diligently brushed them.

Overall, we cannot fault the service and will never put our pets in an overpriced and miserable cattery when they (and other pets) can be cared for in the comfort of their own home by someone who is caring, trustworthy and keeps an eye on our house too.

We will definitely use St Albans Pet Services again."

Dr Nasser Khan & Dr Kate Steiner - St Albans