St Albans Pet Services Frequently Asked Questions

St Albans Pet Services FAQ

Q Will I meet the Pet Sitter in advance?
Yes, a pre-assignment meeting will be held at your home to meet your pet sitter in person and to ensure that both pet sitter and pets are compatible. We will discuss your specific pet care requirements and take detailed notes about your pet’s habits, food and exercise regime, medical history and behaviour.

We will also use this opportunity to go through and complete the necessary paperwork such as the Vet Authorisation Form (should your pet become ill and needs to be taken to the vet) and our Terms and Conditions.

Q Does the Pet Sitter provide the pet food?
No, the pet owner is responsible for providing the pet food/treats, animal bedding, cleaning materials and any medicines that may be required. In the case of long term care assignments, the pet sitter will supply their own meals, linen and towels.

Q Will the dog walker take my dog off the lead during a walk?
The dog walker will only take your dog off the lead with your permission.

Q I have 3 dogs, will they be walked at once?
Subject to the dog’s strength and size, your dogs may be walked at the same time. However, there may be times when your dogs may be walked seperately to ensure they are equally provided with a quality walk.

Q Will you walk my dog together with someone else’s dog?
At St Albans Pet Services, to avoid dog to dog aggression, our Dog Walking Service is on a 1 on 1 basis. We do not pack walk. This ensures that your dog receives our individual attention. However, if required, we do provide group walks for socialisation.

Q How does the pet care process work?
Upon contacting St Albans Pet Services, we will arrange an initial free home consultation meeting at your convenience. Following the meeting, if you are happy to proceed, a deposit may be required to secure your booking. After the preliminary meeting we will send you an invoice which confirms the booking. Prior to, or on the first day of the assignment the remaining balance is paid in full.

In order to carry out an assignment we will need a copy of your house keys which we will keep locked away and seperate from your personal details so as to comply with the Data Protection Act.

We normally retain keys but they can be returned to you if you wish. Retaining the keys, though, ensures that we can continue to care for your pets in the event of an emergency or if your return is delayed. Should you wish us to collect the keys after our initial consultation (or return after an assignment) there may be a £5 charge to cover our fuel costs.

Q What happens in an emergency?
In the unlikely event of an emergency, we will immediately call and notify you. In the initial consultation we will ensure that we have emergency contact details, in the event that we cannot reach you. If veterinary assistance is required we will take your pet to your preferred vet or depending on circumstances to the nearest possible one. Your pet will not be left unattended unless the vet has advised that it is safe to do so.

Q Are you Insured?
Yes. St Albans Pet Services has comprehensive insurance in place. Feel free to ask for a copy of our insurance certificate.

Q Are you police checked?
Yes. Our sitters are police or DBS checked. This gives the Client peace of mind and the reassurance that the person caring for their home and pets is trustworthy, professional and will conduct themselves with integrity.

Q Will my personal data remain safe?
Yes, St Albans Pet Service respects client’s privacy. Our Client’s personal details will not be passed onto third party organisations.

Q What areas do you cover?
We cover St Albans and surrounding areas. Homes outside our Service Area will incur a surcharge of £0.50 per mile. For more information regarding our Pet Service locations then please do not hesitate to contact us.